Wednesday, April 25, 2012

El Cuadrilatero Lucha Zine

Well, you know how I said I couldn't get on this project until after the convention? Well, I'm bumping it up, hoping to print before the con! Currently, I'm wrapping up a mini comic (Down to one page, one cover, and two panels), but when that's put to bed, this guy is what is next:

Mock up cover for issue 1 of El Cuadrilátero

I'm going to be replacing the photos with illustrations, I want to really give this a good treatment. I want the zine to look professional, something worth keeping. The first issue will consist of a primer on lucha libre. I want this little sucker to be a good book to give to a lucha-newbie, who can get caught up on the basics of everything lucha libre entails, from the ring, to the movies, comics, music, and more. When I start getting closer, I'm going to put a call out to other artist who want to submit art. But my favorite thing is that I will be putting MY own comic in the back of every issue. My luchador, El Gran Búho, The Great Owl, will have his own story. I want this magazine to feel like the old Nickelodeon magazines, or Disney Adventure. You know, information, plus art, and comics! The comics will be very reminescent of the Sensacional de Luchas mini comics produced in México (Stay tuned, I'm planning on a blog this week about these comics).

El Gran Búho head turn around, and mask design

A page from an unfinished story

An early design for a river monster, a la Creature from the Black Lagoon

An early design of a monster created in the footsteps of Frankenstein

Hopefully this will keep you enticed for a while.  I'm starting to scan some old lucha comics I've collected over the years, and I want to show them to you all in an upcoming blog. I'm shooting for next week at the latest.

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