Thursday, February 28, 2013

TSA are not artists

Trying to fly out to Seattle from Pasco, it's definitely been memorable so far. I haven't been on a plane in probably twelve years or more. After being treated like the criminal mastermind I am, I had to explain every iPad accessory, and all my art supplies to the TSA. That's a tripod to set the iPad on to watch movies. Those are Copic multiliner pens. This is how you open that. It only took twenty minutes of twenty to thirty scans of all my markers before I was freed. I actually had a bit of fun confounding all the TSA staff with my magical art supplies. I think they were hoping for blades or bomb making material. They rubbed some sort of pad all over my equipment. Yeah, no exacto knives, those were purposefully left home, and the scissors are in my checked baggage. After all this close and personal affection, they didn't even give me a hug or kids goodbye.

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