Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucha VaVoom - Cinco de Mayo Spectacular

Lucha VaVoom just had their Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Mayan Theater (photos below), as well as a show in Chicago! For those of you who don't know, Lucha VaVoom is probably the best event for lucha libre within the US borders! Not only is it masked Mexican wrestling, but it also combines burlesque dancing, comedy acts, music, and a party-like atmosphere. It's something more out of yesteryear Hollywood with vaudeville style vignettes of different skits, and performances, sandwiched between muscled men duking it out in the ring. How can you say no to all this fun?
Lucha VaVoom started in 2002, and has been going strong, and now is branching outside LA, into San Francisco and Chicago. It's definite the show that people talk about weeks, even months after attending!

Aztec Dancers in celebration!

The following photos are from the LA Weekly slideshow, all photographed by Timothy Norris. More amazing photos from all the Lucha VaVoom's history can be seen at their official website: Also, before you get to the photos, if you'd like to hear a story on Lucha VaVoom by NPR, check out this link:

As a word of caution, some of the following photos may not be suitable for a work environment. No nudity, but there will be scantily clad women, bare chested wrestlers, and all sorts of entertainment below:


  1. Hey Jesse,

    I just found your site while doing some Lucha Va Voom research. I was at this year's Cinco de Mayan show in LA.----my first one and it was fantastico!! I just posted about it at my site:

    I did not have a press pass, so my photos are nothing like that from the LA Weekly.
    I like your site -- I have a lot to learn about Lucha Libre and this seems like the place.


  2. I dig your blog! I'll have to go through it in detail tomorrow, but it looks really great! If you're looking for more info on Lucha VaVoom, I'd suggest checking out the documentary "Lucha Libre The Struggle." It follows the guys who started Lucha VaVoom, and you can see how it all began.

    I hope my blog is entertaining and informative for you! If you're interested in the lucha libre movies, I'd suggest starting with Las Momias de Guanajuato. It has Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras, plus Tinieblas (who plays the main mummy).