Saturday, March 26, 2011

New blog!

I've been in the mood to start a new blog for my ramblings related to old Mexican cinema, specifically lucha, and even Mexican comics. I'm an artist, comic enthusiast, movie collecting, Spanish Major. My art can be seen here and My main blog can be found here:

I figured I'd separate some of my stuff, even though a lot will also overlap. Right now I'm on a Lucha movie scavenger hunt across the internet. I own a lot, but now it's getting difficult, and a little expensive. I'm planning on reviewing some of my favorites, and also trying to differentiate myself from the Lucha Diaries and Monstruos y Vampiros, both great resource blogs!

I'll get back to this blog shortly, I just wanted to start off with a simple entry to get things rolling.
I'll leave you a pic to my latest acrylic painting, Frankenstein's Monster:

This sucker is 18" x 24" inches on canvas, and is for sale at my Etsy site: I'm also working on the Bride now. I was thinking of doing Henry Frankenstein as well, and turning this into a triptych, but I figured someone would end up buying maybe two paintings, and leaving me stuck with the Doctor... lame.

Hablaremos pronto! Chau amigos!

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