Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mummies a la Mexicana

This is the last documentary I'll post tonight. This is a documentary made at home by some film professor on Youtube. It's really interesting, and a tad slow. He lets a lot of the film clips do the talking for him. I really need to talk to this guy, and check out more of his work:

Episode 1 Part 1 "The Aztec Mummy"

Episode 1 Part 2 "More Aztec Mummies"

Mummies a la Mexicana: Episode 2 Part 1 "From Egypt to Mexico"
Not sure why, but this guy didn't allow embedding with the second episode part 1. So, just follow the link above.

Mummies a la Mexicana: Episode 2 Part 2 "Guanajuato to Guatemala"

Again, I must say, great documentary! Lastly, I leave you with this really amazingly great trailer for a double feature of The Vampire's Coffin and The Aztec Mummy:

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