Monday, April 18, 2011

El Látigo trilogy

Today, I received two of the three El Látigo films on dvd. Essentially, El Látigo is "not-Zorro" if you catch my drift. Mask, hat, cape, black attire, fights with a whip, but please don't confuse him with Don Diego de la Vega. I'm assuming the creators didn't want to tangle with Zorro Productions Inc, so they made this knock-off. But interestingly, Zorro Productions Inc has gone after look-alikes such as the  2001 tv series Queen of Swords. This is probably why El Látigo hasn't been easily attainable on DVD.
For anyone who knows me, Zorro is my ultimate super hero. He's like Batman, without the gadgets, and fights for the people of México, back when México also consisted of the Southwest of the United States. I love the time period, I love sword fighting, I love westerns; Zorro is about as great as it comes in my book. I have just about every book I can get a hold of for a decent price (Still trying to get a two volume complete Johnston McCulley Zorro stories), I have all the movies, serials, tv shows, comics, and other memorabilia I can obtain. Now my journey is to a point where I've started looking for unofficial Zorro films, such as this very interesting Látigo Zorro-imposter.

The series includes:


I now have the first two, so if any of you know where I can find El Látigo contra Satanas, hook me up!

At the moment, I'm preparing for the Spokane ComiCon coming up Saturday, May 21st. I'm pretty tied up getting artwork ready to sell. But I am planning on reviewing these, along with a slew of other films, books, and comics.  Keep an eye out, it just depends. I'm a student, employee of a hospital, freelance artist, plus caretaker to my new blog. Things might get hectic, but I like being busy as well. I'm pretty stoked to see not-Zorro fighting a bunch of Egyptian style mummies, so I might just make room sooner than expected!

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