Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Plight of a lucha dvd collector...

Like any lucha collector, we run into the difficulty of finding a vendor who has these sacred films. Lord knows I've used eBay,,, iOffer, and to find the best prices, and specific editions of the dvds (some films are in color, while other companies have a copy in black and white, many don't come with subtitles). It's a long, arduous journey to get these sacred relics of lucha film.
This brings me to my latest purchase, through a third party seller on Remember, make sure your orders are through Amazon specifically, or you know people who have had good experiences with the third party seller. Check ratings and reviews always.
So, I've been looking for Santo en La Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiro (Santo in the Vengeance of the Vampire Women). The company I dealt (LATINOS DISCOS MOI) with on Amazon sent me Santo en La Venganza de la Momia (Santo in the Vengeance of the Mummy). That's fine, simple mistake, I imagine they have an organized wall of films, and these of course are alphabetized next to each other. So I email him back, telling them of the mistake. I also refunded the order, and asked if they had the correct dvd in their stock. They took a week to respond to me, a big no no. He stated it was "lost" in his inbox. Annoying. He still hasn't mentioned if he had the movie I wanted or not. That's fine, in the week long wait I not only requested a refund through Amazon, but I also ordered the correct dvd through Santo And Friends.

Now, since I'm a little annoyed at the moment due to the recent email stirring up this week long brew of unresolved issues, I want to play a game with you all. Can you see a difference between these two movies?


Mujeres Vampiros and Momias... Two very distinct differences in these creatures of the night. Vampire women are sexy, and seductive. Mummies are generally oatmeal faced zombies who played way too much with the toilet paper.

*update 4/11/11 noon* He emailed me back saying "So, you want the momias movie?" How much more explicit do I have to be with you? Here's what I said back lastly, since this seemed to be going in circles:
This is getting confusing, I ordered mujeres vampires, but I received momias....  Prefieres español? Yo compré la película con las mujeres vampiro, pero me mandaste la película con las momias. Ahora, quiero saber si tienes la película con las mujeres vampiro en mano. Avisame.

I'm hoping the Spanish might help this situation. Either way, this email exchange has lasted too long. Save yourself some headache and avoid DISCOS LATINOS MOI on at all cost.

Anyway, I'm done using my blog to vent. Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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