Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shout out to Lioncorn

I'm so glad I set up Google Alerts to hit me up on anything about Santo and Blue Demon. I've been trying to get as much new info on the current situation with the "Sexo y El Vampiro" edit of Tesoro de Dracula, so I setup the alerts. Yesterday Google Alerts sent me a link to this great site:

This blog is really great, all sorts of info on great art, old weird movies, and other such bizarre interests that reflect my own. I'm so glad the internet can connect people with such niche interests. If it weren't for the internet, my girlfriend, Veronica, would have killed me by now from talking her ear off about all these movies that she really doesn't care about. She has a point though, they stink. It's like drinking tamarindo flavored Jarritos, either you hate it or you like it, or you tell yourself you should like it and eventually acquire a taste. So thank you, internet, for saving my relationship :)

PS I still can't drink tamarindo Jarritos. I love candy with tamarindo, but not drinks.

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