Sunday, April 10, 2011

New friends and New Links

Yesterday, I emailed the owner of DRACULAND to gush with excitement about how interesting his resource blog on all things Dracula. He also likes what I'm doing at my lucha blog, and shared with me a couple website of interest. They are French, but with Google Translate and some raw instinct, I think you can get a lot from these: (Official Website) (Blog) (Serious Publishing Web)

The blog is a lot like mine, random collections of links of all things bizarre, fun, and even lucha! The Serious Publishing publishes some bizarre books, some are Lucha inspired. Their website, they sell "Hand made rock-and-roll pastries to die for..." Mmm! One set of chocolates are lucha inspired, and the other is calavera (Mexican skull) inspired:

These look... AMAZING!

 I highly recommend ordering me a box when you have some free time!

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