Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inducted into the lucha wall!

A great artist, Jen Seng, has helped me in my conquest of adding new luchadores to my lucha wall! I commissioned her to draw Blue Demon, check out how great it is!!

Does Blue's package compel you to stare? :D

She even doodled Blue Demon on the envelope!

I'll be picking up a frame sometime today and adding it to the wall! I'm so thankful that she did this for me! Blue Demon is my favorite luchador, yet this is my first fan art piece I've obtained of him. She also said she really enjoyed drawing him, which I find hilarious. I'm glad she got a kick out of my kooky hero in wrestling tights.

Check out Jen Seng's work at: She's really sweet, and of course talented with the pencil!

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